In the footsteps of the Durrells
In the footsteps of the Durrells

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1'[G]iant olive trees, some reputedly over 500 years old and each one unique in its hunched arthritic shape, its trunk pitted with a hundred holes like pumice stone.'
2 'Corcyra is all Venetian blue and gold - and utterly spoilt by the sun.'
3 The Ricci Mansion - Pension Suisse

4 The Strawberry-Pink Villa: 'The villa was small and square, standing in its tiny garden with an air of pink-faced determination.'
5 The Daffodil-Yellow Villa: 'It stood on a hill overlooking the sea'.
6 The Snow-White Villa: 'Perched on a hilltop among olive-trees, the new villa [was] white as snow'.

7 'A white house set like a dice in a rock already venerable with scars of wind and water.'
8 A flat-bottomed fishing boat on Lake Antinioti - was this a model for the Bootle-Bumtrinket?
9 The Stavrodakis house at Barbati, home of the Angry Barrels.

10 Corfu Town's Liston. The former Corfu Bar was on the corner.
11 Lawrence Durrell at the Bosketto Durrell Garden.
12 Gerald Durrell at the Bosketto Durrell Garden.

13 The Ionian Bank. The 'Sign of the Partridge' tavern was behind.
14 The original sign still identifies Chrysomallis Taverna.
15 The 'great cave' at Ermones.

16 'Above the rippling, striated rock face and almost smothered in greenery perched a little shrine dedicated to a local saint, Arsenius, and this private retreat was for them a hallowed place.'
17 '[M]onstrous in the shadows stands the massive and primitive mill.'
18 Kassiopi: '[T]he waves shatter themselves upon ledges of clean granite and arcs of dazzling pebbles.'

19 Mouse Island and the Bay of Olives.
20 The Theotoky Mansion in the Ropa Valley: '[T]he retreat of the Count D.'
21 Paleokastritsa: 'The little bay lies in a trance, drugged with its own extraordinary perfection'. Painting by Angelos Giallinas -

22 '[W]e climbed the dizzy barren razor-back of Pantokratoras'.
23 Lake Skotini: '[F]our acres in extent, its rim shaggy with reeds and its water green with plants.'
24 Coastal track on Vidos Island.

25 For Bourdetto: Scorpion fish and a John Dory.
26 Some of the 'gimcrack sculptures' at the Achillion Palace. Painting by Angelos Giallinas -
27 Skyrian foals at the Silva Estate. David Bellamy loved them.

Photographic Credits
All photographs copyright Hilary Paipeti, except:
7 Dave Hancy
8 Stephen Mackay
22 Dave Hancy

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